For Pete's Sake

Taking my own name in vain.

Into The New Year

03 February 2023

So 2022 ended just over a month ago. I've been a little tardy in writing anything but to be honest, I didn't particularly want to go over the vagaries of the last year. That's not to say nothing interesting happened just that I couldn't motivate myself to write anything about it. Realistically, life is moving ever onwards without much change but I did pickup a new car last month after our X-Trail got to the point where it was just not worth the money fixing the things that were wrong.

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Congratulations Argentina

19 December 2022

For some obscure reason I thought the World Cup final was this coming Wednesday, it wasn't, it was last night. Even if I'd realised the correct day I still wouldn't have tuned in and not in some sort of pseudo-protest, I just want to sleep. Still, it was good to see Argentina and by extension Messi, seal the win. I've been an admirer of Messi and how he's played football for many years and to see him finally succeed on the World's biggest stage feels fitting, especially as it's his last. You could say it was destined to happen that finally, after so many attempts, the only accolade eluding him would finally be his.

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World Cup Thoughts

04 December 2022

I was very unsure about this years' World Cup, mostly for its hosted location, Qatar, and the very known issues it has with human rights, gay rights and, well, just rights in general. I appreciate the need to respect other countries culture and way of life and I believe that, to a great or lesser extent, Western nations have meddled too much in the affairs of other countries. That being said, that doesn't mean a competition such as the World Cup which, in my opinion, is meant to be one meant to unite all nations and all walks of life, should be in a country that it, itself, does not abide by. This also throws a unique curveball with the USA among the joint hosts for the next one and their record isn't exactly squeaky clean either.

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This Blog's Another Year Older

14 November 2022

Whilst this particular iteration of my blog is a mere six months old, I've had one, of some description for, heck, fifteen years at least. That being said, it's not been a hotbed of activity in that time, particularly the last ten years that I've been in Australia which is odd. You'd think moving to the other side of the world would provide no end of content. Different style of life, things that take getting used to and hot takes on local politics from the point of view of a relative newcomer. However, as it was, I barely posted. I think that was mostly down to worrying that people would find it offensive(?) maybe. I dunno, but I didn't want to put anything up that might be mis-read.

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Well That's Pretty Cool

09 November 2022

I've been working in IT for just over fifteen years now. One thing you understand, though, is that you forget more than you learn and that there's always something out there that you never knew about but, once you discover it, you're amazed you didn't know about it before. This happened to me today whilst flicking through TikTok. A lot of the TechToks, as I like to think they're called, are things I've come across before or just seem a touch sketchy. However, despite some initial reservations I'm glad I gave this one a go as it's potentially quite revolutionary for me.

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Another Solar Orbit

26 October 2022

It was my birthday last week, the last one of my thirties. I'll need to set a reminder that I'll need to change all my social bios next year to 'forty-something.' Turning thirty seems far longer ago than just ten years. It was a fun birthday though. It had an epic cake, my mum and brother were visiting from the UK and I was probably the fittest I've ever been (or likely to be if I'm honest). Will my fortieth be the same? I'm not sure. As far as I know, no family will be visiting but I'm sure my wife and kids will make it pretty epic and we get a test run this year anyway as my wife turns forty herself this December.

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