For Pete's Sake

Taking my own name in vain.

Changing Times

05 March 2024

As far as bingo cards go, I don’t think I had any of the things that have happened in the last six months or so on mine. For the first time in over twenty years I am single, living on my own and navigating my life in its new form which, at times, has been anything but easy. I don’t really want to go into any sort of specifics of the whys and wherefores as, to be quite honest, it’s not like it changes anything, nor do I think it’ll be overly productive. For the most part, though, I’ve tried to look at the positives and doing my best to put my best foot forward.

That’s pretty much it. I kinda just wanted something out there, something pretty basic a sort of Elephant in the room kind of a post. Hopefully write about something interesting soon but don’t get your hopes up!