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Taking my own name in vain.

End of Another Year

31 December 2023

I haven’t written here as much as I thought I would this year. Mostly I just kind of forgot and also reminded myself that this is really here for when I want to write something rather than feeling obligated to. Still, I thought I’d have written a bit more but there you go, maybe 2024 will yield more inspiration. This year has been something else, especially the last few months. Lots of things going on, and lots of introspection. Where all that will go next year remains to be seen, I have certain hopes but ultimately some of that is beyond my control and one things I have been really focussing on is concentrating on what I can control, which is myself and how I respond.

The girls have had a pretty decent year I think, mostly spent dancing and whilst this year’s dance show had some issues it was very enjoyable and the girls, as ever, had a blast performing. Next year sees our youngest start troupe, which will be interesting, and our eldest will continue in the same hip-hop crew she was with this year. School had its ups and downs but it was mostly positive and they both still enjoy it which I hope continues for a while yet, at least until high school I hope! Friendships have been a little tougher this year and a few friends have moved away too but thanks to technology they’ve been able to keep in touch.

I also turned 40, which you’d think would warrant a post here but there was a lot going on and I wasn’t in the right headspace either. I was thankful to my football club as our presentation night was on the same day so I just combined the two and they arranged a nice little presentation for me and I got some cake, so that was a win. It also meant that I got to hang out with some good friends. I also had an enjoyable day hanging out with a friend who spoiled me and was very thankful for his company and continued friendship.

So here’s to 2023, you were a year and here’s to 2024, here’s hoping some things go the way I hope.