For Pete's Sake

Taking my own name in vain.

Hello There

A random Yorkshireman making his way in the world.

Hello and welcome. I’m a thirty-something ICT Manager, working for a Post-Production company here in Canberra, Australia. I’m a pretty keen gamer who sometimes commits thoughts into a review that appears on Jump Dash Roll. If you want to see all my reviews, I’ve got a profile over on Open Critic. There are other strings to my bow though and I do quite enjoy playing Football (or Soccer depending on your locale), cycling and most things tech related.

I’ve worked in plenty of different places from a charity to schools and, considering I emigrated to Australia in 2012, in distance terms, I’ve travelled quite far! I’ve not really strayed too far from tech support in my career but then figuring out problems is kind of fun and in the role I currently inhibit I’ve spent plenty of time fixing issues and uplifting what was there; it’s been fun to see things change over time.

Outside of work I’ve two kids under the age of ten and have been married to my awesome wife since 2006 and been her partner in life since 2001. How she’s put up with me for over twenty years is a mystery, but I’m just grateful she’s still with me. I attempt to play Football most weekends during the winter for a community team here in Canberra called Lanyon United and I’m hoping to get back in the habit of running sometime in the near future in an effort to maybe overturn a PB or two.