For Pete's Sake

Taking my own name in vain.

Looking Good

18 August 2022

Yesterday was quite something in terms of sorting all this out. Getting the custom domain working took a little bit of effort, mostly because I missed a key point when sorting out the DNS on my host. Once I realised my mis-step it was a case of waiting for the changes to propagate which, since I was a bit silly and didn’t lower the TTL (mostly because I was doing this on a whim), it took a wee bit of time. Still, once that was out of the way it all came together nicely and I even have HTTPS up and running now, something that was seemingly more difficult than it should’ve been on WordPress.

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Custom Domain Time

17 August 2022

Well, can’t say I’m not true to form in barely posting but hey, at least I don’t do this for a living. What I have been able to attempt is pointing my domain here instead of the WordPress blog that was there. Whilst it would be handy to run this on the server I have there, it’s on a pretty low tier in terms of their plans and given I’m unlikely to be a heavy user, leveraging what I have here on github seemed to make sense.

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Sound Of Silence

25 May 2022

Been a hot second since I last posted and to be honest, not a lot has changed here. I did, however, manage to get CV and About page to appear in the left-hand menu. Turns out I needed to a title in the pre-load stuff that you put in this files (there’s a proper name for them but I forget what it is). Outside of blog life my PC had to get a bit of an update due to a bearing failure on my graphics card’s fan. I could’ve possibly survived with just a noisy-ass fan but decided that it was better to be safe than sorry.

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Figuring Things Out

12 May 2022

Starting Off

One of the things I’ve enjoyed about messing around with GitHub pages and Jekyll is getting it to work and, more importantly, understanding how it all fits together. That includes these amazing theme I’m running, Basically Basic. There’s been mis-steps, a few choice words and also discovery when I found out I could see the errors that were causing this site to not even load. I had no idea to check actions but when in doubt, click all the buttons!

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Trying Something New

11 May 2022

This reminds me a lot of when I used to mess around with websites in the late 90’s early 00’s. It seemed that no sooner had I built a website using something, I found something else that either did more or was far more interesting to use. Eventually I settled, like a fair chunk of the internet, on using WordPress. Now, this isn’t a slight on WordPress at all, it’s a great product, has a lot of additional features that allows plebs like myself to build a cohesive website very, very quickly.

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