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Congratulations Argentina

19 December 2022

For some obscure reason I thought the World Cup final was this coming Wednesday, it wasn’t, it was last night. Even if I’d realised the correct day I still wouldn’t have tuned in and not in some sort of pseudo-protest, I just want to sleep. Still, it was good to see Argentina and by extension Messi, seal the win. I’ve been an admirer of Messi and how he’s played football for many years and to see him finally succeed on the World’s biggest stage feels fitting, especially as it’s his last. You could say it was destined to happen that finally, after so many attempts, the only accolade eluding him would finally be his.

England’s tournament ended early, again, but I’m happy to see that Southgate will manage England at least until the end of Euro 2024. I did think that Southgate might call it time after this World Cup and, indeed, he did say he was “conflicted” after our exit. Overall I think we did okay but felt that our play during our quarter-final match with France was too tepid at times. I do think France were fortunate with some decisions but that’s sport in general, not just football. I’m also sure that Kane will rue his second penalty but it was great to see the support afforded him at the final whistle. It must be a horrible feeling to experience but it seems England, World Cups and penalties are never too far apart!

With the World Cup now over the summer here in Australia will be dominated by Cricket. There’s the Big Bash and South Africa’s tour, though hopefully we won’t have too many wickets like the Gabba waiting for the teams, that one was a shocker! The family and I even made it to a T20 match this season. Only two will come to Canberra and we made it to the only one we could. It was a fun evening out and both girls enjoyed themselves which is great to see. I’ve no idea if they’ll carry any enjoyment of the sport as they get older but I appreciated the fact they were happy and content to join in the fun. I’m also looking forward to the return of the Premier League season. Man Utd were on the up before the World Cup and I sincerely hope it continues afterwards. Ten Hag still has a lot of work to do but we’re now free of Ronaldo’s drama so hopefully the dressing room will benefit from that too.