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Trying Something New

11 May 2022

This reminds me a lot of when I used to mess around with websites in the late 90’s early 00’s. It seemed that no sooner had I built a website using something, I found something else that either did more or was far more interesting to use. Eventually I settled, like a fair chunk of the internet, on using WordPress. Now, this isn’t a slight on WordPress at all, it’s a great product, has a lot of additional features that allows plebs like myself to build a cohesive website very, very quickly.

That being said, however, if all you’re using it for is to splurge your brain farts online so that those unfortunate enough to come across your website can read them then, in a lot of cases I feel, it’s a bit too much for the use case. It’s also a prime subject for random bots to try and brute force their way into the admin console and so you need to secure your site with various plugins and features less your glorious posts be defaced. Even my weird corner of the web was subject, almost instantly, to attempts to login to the admin page upon completion of it’s install. Why, who knows, but it was irritating all the same.

So, by some weird coincidence, I saw a post about a lightweigth blogging tool and whilst I couldn’t get it to run, it led me to lookup other ways of writing blogs but without the additional bloat of WordPress. All of which lead me to Jekyll which is used to turn static content into all sorts of things and runs a suprising amount of websites. It is also used by GitHub to run their pages. After a brief time looking for a theme (because I can’t code one for toffee) I’ve ended up here, with this site. The question now is, do I point my actual domain here?

For now, I’m going to continue to mess around with Jekyll and GitHub pages until I’m confident I understand what I’m doing. Then, should things make sense, I’ll move over wholesale to here until I can either get my host to provide the ability to install a Jekyll instance or I change my plan to something that allows me to do it myself. However, considering how infrequent I blog, the lack of traffic because I ain’t that popular and the fact that GitHub provides relatively robust security I may not bother and just point the domain here and call it a day.