For Pete's Sake

Taking my own name in vain.

Sound Of Silence

25 May 2022

Been a hot second since I last posted and to be honest, not a lot has changed here. I did, however, manage to get CV and About page to appear in the left-hand menu. Turns out I needed to a title in the pre-load stuff that you put in this files (there’s a proper name for them but I forget what it is). Outside of blog life my PC had to get a bit of an update due to a bearing failure on my graphics card’s fan. I could’ve possibly survived with just a noisy-ass fan but decided that it was better to be safe than sorry.

To that end an new power supply was sought (a nice 850W Platinum rated Thermaltake one) and an entry-leve RTX 3060 from Gigabyte. It’s certainly not a powerhouse but it does the job and my monitors are 1080p anyway so I’ve no need for 4K ray-tracing, I can leave that up to the PS5 and Series X. It was fun fitting parts in my machine though, not really done much of that in years so it brought back a few memories of building PCs back in the early noughts. Saying that, however, does make me feel rather old.