For Pete's Sake

Taking my own name in vain.

Looking Good

18 August 2022

Yesterday was quite something in terms of sorting all this out. Getting the custom domain working took a little bit of effort, mostly because I missed a key point when sorting out the DNS on my host. Once I realised my mis-step it was a case of waiting for the changes to propagate which, since I was a bit silly and didn’t lower the TTL (mostly because I was doing this on a whim), it took a wee bit of time. Still, once that was out of the way it all came together nicely and I even have HTTPS up and running now, something that was seemingly more difficult than it should’ve been on WordPress.


So now we’re on my actual, paid for domain and I even shelled out for a lovely theme from Jekyll Themes since I still can’t design themes for toffee. In the end I just liked the fact that Jekyll was, relatively, straightforward once everything was setup and doesn’t require much beyond a GitHub to get running. I’m still tossing up the idea of hosting this elsewhere on a machine I maintain so I’m not constrained by limits imposed by GitHub1 as one of the hooks of this theme is the ability to do galleries and the like.

There’s still some ‘demo’ stuff hanging around here at the moment, mostly so I can continue to mess around with things and, quite possible, break things without too much issue. However, I’m pretty happy with how things turned out and there’s nothing like that little endorphin hit when you complete a project, even small ones. Been like that at work the last couple of weeks too, just little projects here and there finally being completed and ticked off; very rewarding.

I think, therefore I am

Now that I have a working site on a platform that I think befits what this place is here for I’m hoping I’ll get the urge to commit thoughts to the ether a little more frequently. What that will take the form of I don’t know. It could be general thoughts on things like the teams I support or sports that I’m interested in. It’s unlikely to be any gaming reviews as, if anywhere, they’d end up on Jump Dash Roll. Food for thought perhaps.

  1. The limits are there so no-one takes the piss and I’m totally behind them