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Another Solar Orbit

26 October 2022

It was my birthday last week, the last one of my thirties. I’ll need to set a reminder that I’ll need to change all my social bios next year to ‘forty-something.’ Turning thirty seems far longer ago than just ten years. It was a fun birthday though. It had an epic cake, my mum and brother were visiting from the UK and I was probably the fittest I’ve ever been (or likely to be if I’m honest). Will my fortieth be the same? I’m not sure. As far as I know, no family will be visiting but I’m sure my wife and kids will make it pretty epic and we get a test run this year anyway as my wife turns forty herself this December.

Aside from that it’s been a somewhat busy month, the highlight for me was enjoy the Bathurst 1000 at the start of the month. I only realised, post-race, that it’s the last one that Holden will have raced as the brand and badge are replaced on the grid by Chevrolet from next year with the Gen3 cars. For many fans of the sport here in Australia it’s a very sad moment and an inditement, I think, for some of the previous Government who many felt had let down local manufacturing of both Ford and Holden. Either way, it was an epic race to bid Holden fairwell with SVG bagging the race win after starting seventh and getting a time penalty along the way. It was a race full of drama, incident and plenty of safety cars though not as many as some thought after the chaotic start.

I also completed my ride for Starlight in September so it was nice to ease up a touch on the riding this month. I’ve sort of kept it up, but the very wet weather we’re having has dampened (pun intended) my desire to ride. It also doesn’t help that the two times I’ve been hit by a car whilst riding was during wet weather so I tend to not want to ride when it’s anything but fair weather. Other than that, I’ve been able to do a couple 5km runs and I’m hoping I’ll do more of those on the days I’m working from home. My weight’s slowly trending down so I feel like I’m on the right path. Overall though, I’m just glad that the needle is going down for the most part and not up and if I can keep things going, over time I’ll get it back to a weight that’s at least semi-sensible.