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An Interesting Week

19 August 2022

Well, the headline pretty much sums things up rather neatly but it was interesting in a good way. From getting this blog up and running, somewhat properly on GitHub via the use of Jekyll, to crossing off a few projects both at work and at home. There’s something rather rewarding about crossing tasks off, even if they’re relatively minor ones. I’m also, slowly, getting the hang of how all of this comes together and recently figured out how to add images to the left menu.

Beyond the projects though, this week was pretty run of the mill. Having two kids, your week is pretty much the same for the most part. Ferrying to and from school and other things like swimming and dancing. To bed times, meals and so on. It’s not often that the routine changes and you tend to fit in the things you want to do, like playing soccer, around that. Whilst that will change somewhat as they get older, I don’t see it altering too much other than, potentially, they’ll be able to take themselves places eventually.

I also took receipt of a new PC case, a Fractal Torrent Compact. Unfortunately the computer I currently have was an off the shelf HP Omen and whilst the components would fit, the IO shield for the motherboard is built into the case and I can’t seemingly buy one for it. I’ve a couple options in mind on how to get around this. I could upgrade the innards to a more recent CPU release and future-proof things a touch or I could find a compatible motherboard on somewhere like eBay, and fit that one instead. Whilst I know the latter is cheaper, part of me worries about second-hand motherboards but also whether I should just put the money into the new components as it feels like a replacement motherboard, rather than an upgrade is dead money.

Still, I’m happy I have the case and it more than caters to my needs with room for a little expansion but also it’s the type of case that you can continue to use through a few successive component generations. My plan, upgrade wise, is to have it all air-cooled since the Torrent is heavily focussed on high air-flow and it’s kind of fun looking at prospective parts and fitting things together. It’s been quite some time since I last built a PC on my own and it’s bringing back some fond memories and reminding me just how much fun building a PC can be.