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Here We Go Again

In many ways I think this was inevitable. The blog that was had stood here for well over a decade. I first registered a site back in 2007 if I remember right and just typing that makes me feel rather old, very quickly. However, what this meant was whilst it was a time capsule of sorts, it was a site full of upgrades and massive database inefficiences.

The blog itself had been migrated, broken out into two sites (one blog and one a Tumblr style site) and upgraded umpteen times all whilst using the same database it had when I made into a WordPress Network. Whilst newer than the original database, that itself is many years old and had the baggage of the old stuff anyway since it had blog entries going all the way back to the beginning.

So, in a fleeting moment yesterday, I decided it was high time things started anew. Everything got backed up (I hope) and a new, fresh database and install of WordPress has arisen. I’d imagine my blog frequency will remain and no doubt I’ll mess around with themes in the meantime too. However, the old site will not return as I think it best that it remains in the past but I’m grateful for what it was.

What this new blog will become I have no idea as let’s face it, most of my writing is about games and that appears over at Jump Dash Roll. However, I don’t write about every game I suppose and sometimes there’s other stuff going on but I’m not great at commiting that to any meaningful verbiage. Still, much like my Twitter, this is one way to scream into the void and at least I’m not limited to a certain amount of characters or any of Elon Musk’s upcoming changes assuming the takover of the bird site goes ahead.

By Pete

I'm a thirty-something ICT Manager who, despite my best efforts, struggles to blog regularly. However, when a wild blog does appear it's likely to be about family, sport, tech or gaming.